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Granny Cunt

Hard To Believe Isn’t It?

Megan here is a grandmother. I am having a tough time to come to grips with that. If I met Megan in a social setting I would be hitting on her for as long as I can get away with it or of course until I get stupidly lucky and she hooks up with me. She is absolutely gorgeous, that body of hers is amazing and those tits, oh my gawd!

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This is just all kinds of fucked up wrapped into one.

I get how convenient that might be for her husband to carry her skanky ass home when she passes out drunk yet again at the bingo bar like she does every Wednesday night. The things that bother me though…

Why is she lubed up to just below the back of her knees? Are they aiming at backing up a smallish car into her wrecked twat but need to warm it up with a giant earthworm first?

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That’s what older women are that have taken really good care of themselves and still thoroughly enjoying fucking around and showing off their sexual prowess: goddesses. It may or may not be a terribly exciting experience; I imagine it’s something a little similar to wearing your favorite shirt. It might be older, sure, but it’s the best damn shirt and you’ll never get rid of it. You’ll always wear it and savor it, much like these older babes are getting fucked and savored. Here’s where you can grab some hot granny porn deals.

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The One Thing About Trying to Meet Local Milfs That Screws Guys Up

If you’re a typical dude trying to meet local milfs, I really can’t say I blame you. I mean, milfs are very hot. Local Milfs are the hottest game in town. In fact, there’s tons of dudes trying to stick their dicks in these hot moms.

Once a woman becomes a mother, she becomes a sex machine. Seriously. This is especially true if her husband is too busy to fuck her. I mean, she’s got all that sexual energy going because giving birth has unleashed a tremendous cocktail of hormones in her system.

It changes her brain, it changes her central nervous system, it changes many different aspects of her life. And I’m not just talking about physical changes, I’m also talking about emotional, mental and spiritual changes.

A woman who has given birth to a child in her 30’s starts realizing that sex and spirituality go hand in hand. That there is something truly profound and transcendent when she pops an orgasm and she starts seeking.

She starts looking for the perfect orgasm, because you see, once women hit the age of 30, they are able to unlock this super power called multiple orgasms. Guys, unfortunately, don’t have that superpower.

We are kind of like shotguns, you know? You let off a shell, you have to wait a few minutes to let off another shell. Women are like machine guns. If they know what they’re doing, they can just keep going. It’s like every thrust, every caress, and every kiss leads to one orgasm after the other.

Now, I’m not talking about an orgasm where it’s just playing out in your mind, it’s filling you with warm, fuzzy emotions. No. Fuck that shit. I’m talking about real physical orgasms like mini earthquakes doing down in your spine, and your toes curling and your thighs shaking. Your butt cheeks clenching, that kind of shit.

It really is something else and that’s why you have to understand that if you’re trying to meet local milfs, the market is there. These women want you. The problem is, most guys think that the game is much harder than it is

Accordingly, they feel that they have to hit the gym to look like fucking Greek gods or that they have to buy expensive sports cars, which are really just extensions of their penises. They go through all this bullshit when, really, all that pussy is there for the taking. What is the secret? Well, you just have to have the right attitude.

You see, when a man with the right attitude shows up at the right place, women can’t help but pay attention to that guy because they know that he knows that they know that he gets them. That’s how you can tell guys who get pussy all day, every day from guys who basically, just like you and me, who fucking get pussy every once in a while.

So understand this because this is the idea that keeps screwing you up. If you’re trying to meet local milfs, wrap your mind around the reality that it’s not as hard as you make it out to be. It’s actually quite easy and it all boils down to attitude.

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