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A lot of guys spend a tremendous amount of time chasing after the wrong person.  I’m sorry to be the one to break this to you, but this is absolutely true.  You know, a lot of guys have a lot going for them.  You may not have the best job in the world.  You may not be all that intelligent.  You may even look like a steaming pile of shit.  But guess what, you still have a lot going for you.  You can still make somebody happy, You can still make somebody happy, especially all the ladies over here.

Sadly, too many guys end up making things all that much harder for themselves by simply engaging in a race to the bottom.  That’s exactly what you’re doing when you join the typical adult dating site and run after the hottest chicks there.  Sure, there are lots of good-looking women aged 18 to 21 at adult dating sites, but the problem with that situation is simple economics.  When there’s a huge amount of demand and very little supply, what do you think happens?  That’s right.  It turns into a sausage factory.

These chicks simply think that they have the world by the balls and they can act like complete and total bitches and people give them a pass.  I’ve seen this happen time and time again.  I wish I could say that this was just secondhand experience.  I wish I could say that I just read this somewhere.  No, I actually experienced this.  I ran after a chick, gave her all my time, focused a lot of my energy on her and she ended up treating me like a doormat.  She didn’t even go out on a date with me.  She just treated me like a heaping pile of shit.

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This is just all kinds of fucked up wrapped into one.

I get how convenient that might be for her husband to carry her skanky ass home when she passes out drunk yet again at the bingo bar like she does every Wednesday night. The things that bother me though…

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There was a time that I went after younger chicks. I had had plenty of girlfriends that all my friends thought were hot and they were ok in the sack. I mean, I wasn’t picky, if they had a warm cunt that was good enough for me.

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I’ve got to really give it to these Webcam grannies not only can they rock it like they’re in their 20’s, they actually look really fucking hot on cam. This one granny that I was having a rather sexy cam chat with was doing her best to make me nice and hard. I was actually already blowing my load but I didn’t want to tell her that, not when she was going out of her way for me.

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Why Do a Lot of Guys Find Sexy MILFs So Damn Hot?

Why Do a Lot of Guys Find Sexy MILFs So Damn Hot?

If you’re a dude who has a tough time resisting sexy MILFs or thinking about them, here’s some good news. You are hardly alone. You see, the whole idea of having sex with a woman who may have had kids and who is definitely around the same age as your own mother is not exactly new. In fact, if you look at ancient Greek literature, there are tons of ancient mythology of guys doing the freaky nasty with their moms.

There’s a certain taboo when it comes to sex with older women. I, for the life of me, don’t understand this attitude because older guys have been having sex with younger women since time immemorial. The funny thing is that there’s some sort of double standard in operation. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure this out. It doesn’t matter the cultural background, it doesn’t matter the geographic part of the world that you’re investigating, this always plays out.

On the one hand, it’s perfectly acceptable or even desirable for an older man, and I’m talking about a guy in his 30’s to 50’s, banging a chick who is 18-22. That is the ideal. A lot of people would even pat you on the back and think that you’re some sort of stud or success if you’re able to pull that off. Obviously, they’re thinking that you have to have the right social stature and money and, of course, power, to be able to pull that off. Find more info here.

On the other hand, if a young guy is looking to fuck a woman who is around the same age as his own mom, then there’s something fucked up with him. He must be fucked up in the head or there’s something wrong with him.

This double standard is fucked up and is really deplorable, but it’s all too common. Interestingly enough, this is also the kind of dynamic that makes older women, like sexy MILFs, so attractive to guys. There’s a certain danger there. It seems that they’re off limits and that’s what make them all the more sexually attractive and pleasing to guys. As the old saying goes, the forbidden fruit is always tastier.