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Month: December, 2019

Mom POV and My First GILF

I fucked a granny for the first time when I was 19. She was a rough old gal and trashy as hell. I had actually been eyeing her granddaughter, but Sharon made a move on me and I went for it in the spur of the moment. When her granddaughter found out, she was horrified and wouldn’t speak to either one of us.

Carrie lived in some nearby apartment and had access to the community pool. So during the summer, a small group of friends would go to her place and we’d all go swimming. I was going to community college and not working so when school was out, I had lots of free time.

One afternoon I stopped by and Carrie wasn’t home but her white trash granny was. She invited me in and offered to share a joint with me. Her voice was gritty and she stunk of cigarette smoke. She wasn’t wearing a bra and had on a tank top. Her tits were saggy but big and her nipples were stiff against the fabric. She laughed when she caught me looking. Then she took her top off and told me I could touch her. So I took out my dick and did a lot more than that!

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